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Ms C Hampton – Head of Life Skills and Careers Education
Mrs C Crawley
Mr S Murphy
Mrs A Ragbir
Also teaching in Life Skills this year we have:
Mr A Mallett – Head of Humanities
Mrs C Cafull – History Teacher
Ms Bryony Hardie – History Teacher
Ms A Edwards – PE Teacher
Ms P McGlade – English Teacher
The Life Skills Faculty incorporates the following subjects:
·         Cultural Studies
·         PSHE
·         Citizenship
·         Sociology
·         Health and Social Care
·         Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance
Courses currently being studied:
·         AQA full course GCSE in Sociology
·         AQA full course GCSE in Citizenship
·         Edexcel full course GCSE Health and Social Care
KS3 Cultural Studies
Pupils study Cultural Studies twice over a fortnight, which is a blend of Citizenship and Religious Education.
Cultural Studies gives the pupils knowledge and understanding of the main institutions in society; how citizens can play an effective role in society and how power is distributed across different institutions, such as the mass media, the Government and the courts. The pupils explore their moral and legal rights and they become more aware of our economy and global responsibilities.
The pupils explore the symbols and research artefacts from the main global religions. The pupils will also get to examine religious attitudes towards social and ethical issues and learn about different religious festivals.
The pupils are encouraged to voice their opinions responsibly and show tolerance and respect for others’ views, backgrounds and faiths.
Some of the topics studied are:
·         British Values
·         Human Rights
·         Democracy in the U.K.
·         Law and Crime
·         Global Community
·         Social problems such as poverty
·         Pressure groups
·         Diversity and Identity
·         Global religions
·         Religious festivals
·         Ethical issues
In Cultural Studies pupils will be graded and they will complete 4 assessments across the year. Some examples of our assessments are:
    In Year 7, the pupils explore different religious attitudes to poverty. Their assessment task is to write a newspaper article about the different religious teachings.
    In Year 8, the pupils study, and then respond to, political cartoons relating to human rights issues globally.
    In Year 9, the pupils’ first assessment is to write a persuasive speech for change about an issue of interest to them.
PSHE at Key Stage 3
The pupils currently receive one hour a fortnight of PSHE, in Year 7 and Year 8. The pupils will also be receiving PSHE in Year 9 through collapsed timetable days. Some of the topics covered in KS3 are:
·         Changes
·         Bullying
·         Discrimination, stereotypes and prejudice
·         Conflict resolution
·         Relationships
·         Mental health
·         Drugs education – smoking, alcohol and drugs
·         Peer pressure
·         Disability
·         Sex and Relationships Education
Key Stage 4
At Key Stage 4, the pupils can opt for a GCSE in one of our option subjects. In addition they have Cultural Studies as part of the Extra Studies carousel.
The topics covered are:
·         Sex and Relationships Education - This includes what it means to be in a healthy relationship; exploring what is meant by consent; sexually transmitted infections; contraception and high risk behaviour.
·         Drugs education - This includes smoking, alcohol and drugs. Our approach is to equip pupils with the knowledge to make informed choices and have an understanding about what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle.
·         Social media and wellbeing – Looking at the pros and cons of social media and how it can impact on our wellbeing.
·         British Values – exploring the importance of British Values and threats to community cohesion.