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Living for Sport


Emerson Park Academy uses the the Sky Sport ‘Living for Sport’ programme within the PE Faculty. 

Living for Sport encourages everyone to find a sport that inspires them in the hope that this interest will then lead them to a healthier lifestyle. The programme can run as a stand-alone project or add value to existing school activities. The aim is to boost confidence; change behaviours; increase attainment and improve life skills. Participating schools are linked to an elite athlete and have projects set up, with targeted students invited to participate; the student group usually contains a range of abilities to help boost confidence and demonstrate good peer mentoring.

We have been very fortunate to be linked with a fantastic Olympic Athlete Mentor, Jeanette Kwayke.  Jeanette is working with the Sports Committee to set up the academy’s first Living for Sport ‘Extraordinary PE club’. This will be managed by the Sports Committee, who will organise and run competitions in various ‘non-traditional’ sports for students who currently do not participate in the extra-curricular programme already set up in school. 

“Sport helps people think, helps people listen, helps people to speak up and helps people work together. Different sports inspire different people but one thing is true: there's a sport for everyone and it can change your life." DARREN CAMPBELL Sky Sports Living for Sport Ambassador