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In the lead up to the 2012 London Olympics, the PE Faculty of Emerson Park Academy felt it was important to provide a legacy of the Games within our academy, particularly as Havering was one of the nation’s host boroughs.

As a result of this we launched a rewards system during National School Sports Week 2012, based around the seven Olympic and Paralympic values: excellence, respect, friendship, inspiration, determination, courage and equality; joined together as the acronym PRIDE
Personal Excellence Respect & Friendship – Inspiration – Determination & Courage Equality
During 2012 National School Sports Week students were given a PRIDE passport and over the week they collected stamps in their passport, which staff awarded for demonstrating the PRIDE values. The enthusiasm with which it was taken on by staff and students was so great that PRIDE is now Emerson Park Academy’s whole school reward system.
Personal Excellence                                         Respect & Friendship
An Independent and reflective learner                                  Team player & effective communicator
Assessment on or above target                                                 Protecting the environment
Classroom participation                                                            Teaching others to improve
Coursework on or above target                                                 Work as part of a team
Excellent work                                                                               Reach agreement with others
Planning ways to improve                                                          Helping others
Set realistic goals
Review and evaluate your progress
Inspiration                                                          Determination & Courage
Creative thinker, open minded                                                 Take advice & use it to improve
Highly creative thinking                                                              Attending extra-curricular clubs               
Use positive role models                                                            Exceptional effort
Model answers to improve work                                              Overcoming difficulties
Use your initiative                                                                       Ask for help
Explore possibilities                                                                   Ask questions
Persuade others to take part                                                     Show perseverance & commitment
Think of others
Promoting equality
Being fair and considerate
Keep a balanced point of view
See things from different perspectives
Communicate others’ point of view
At the end of each term the academy holds Reward Assemblies where PRIDE points contribute to a House’s overall standing within the academy House system. The assemblies are a celebration of achievement and effort; students who are awarded their individual Bronze, Silver or Gold PRIDE badges wear them with a real sense of their worth.
PRIDE points are also part of the criteria which contributes to an individual student’s score for participating in Rewards Trips; these are trips or events, usually at the end of each term. In the past, students have been taken bowling, to the cinema, Harry Potter World and Thorpe Park. We welcome suggestions from students on possible future venues for rewards.
The academy truly believes that the PRIDE reward system motivates students to achieve; creating and developing the blocks necessary for building pathways to successful lifelong learning.
Ian Torrance
Director of Specialism

Emerson Park Academy